Knowledge Bowl   

Knowledge Bowl Knowledge Bowl is a knowledge‐based competition where teams of four compete against two other teams. The object is to see who can amass the most points by listening to a question delivered by a reader and then buzzing in and answering said question correctly before either of the other teams does so. All of the questions for Knowledge Bowl competition come from academic courses taught in Minnesota schools. Teams have a pressure‐sensitive strip that anyone can touch to buzz their team in. Once a team buzzes, all four members have fifteen seconds to confer. Their answer is delivered by a designated team captain. The Knowledge Bowl season starts in January and ends in March. Knowledge Bowl competitions rotate amongst high schools. Practices take place in room 110 and will start the week after MEA break. Feel free to stop by and talk to Mr. Kauffeld if you have any questions. Fees: *Fine Arts Fee & Form ‐ $50 plus a signed yellow form (if free and reduced lunch, the fee is waived, but the form is still required) TURN IN TO THE MAIN OFFICE TO BARB SCHWARTZ.