Fifth Grade Curriculum Overview Ms. Howe Mr. Sullivan Ms. McDonald

Fifth Grade
Curriculum Overview
Ms. Howe Mr. Sullivan Ms. McDonald
Daily Schedule
Absences & Homework
Report Card & Grading
Content Areas:
•Language Arts
Daily Schedule
9:35 – Writing / Word Study
10:35 – Specialist
11:15 # Corner and Math
12:35 - Recess 1:05 Lunch
1:30 – Literacy
3:40 - Dismissal
Assignments, Due Dates
Assignments are generally due the next day
after they are assigned. Class time is given
to complete assignments, but students may
need to finish the whole assignment for
Later in the year some of the assignments will
have long term due dates. That way
students can learn to prioritize and plan a
larger project.
• Binders will keep students neat and organized
consequently helping them be more successful in
academic areas.
• Students will make sure notes and class handouts
are complete and in the correct tab.
• All returned assignments, handouts and
assignments should be organized in the tab they
refer to.
Absences & Homework
• Students that are absent are responsible for making up the
work they missed. They will have an “Absent Sheet” on their
desk when they return.
• Students have the same number of days to make up the work
as they were gone. For example - 1 day sick 1 day to make up
the work.
• Homework for fifth graders is thirty minutes of reading per night
and assigned homework.
• Assignments should be written in your child’s planner located
in the front of their binder and you should be checking the
planner daily to help keep them organized.
Students Will:
1. Works independently
2. Follows school/class rules
3. Completes assignments on time
4. Shows organizational skills
5. Listens and follows directions
6. Interacts well with others
Report Card & Grading
Report cards go home in: December , March , June
Grading follows the district rubric:
4 - Exemplary - shows extraordinary application
3 - Proficient - consistent application of content/skills.
Meets grade level expectations.
2 - Developing - shows basic application of content/
skills. Working toward grade level expectations.
1 - Emerging - shows some evidence of content/skills
• Algebra
• Numbers, Operations
– Identify patterns
– Numeric expressions with equal
– Model, Read, write numbers to
millions and decimals to
• Measurement content &
– Add and subtract decimals to
two places
– Build a 3D object from a net.
– Algebra content & application
– Weight, volume,
• Geometry content &
– Perimeter
– Sort, Compare two & Three
dimensional shapes using math
– Understanding attributes such
as length, area, weight,
volume, surface area & size of
• Data Analysis & Probability
– Collect data
– Mean, median, mode & range
– Fractions and percentages to
compare data sets
5th Grade Webpage
These are our units of study.
Order may vary:
• 1. Community Unit – learning to become a cohesive
• 2. Author Unit/ Illustrator Unit – Eve Bunting and
S.D. Nelson
• 4. Life Science Unit
• 5. Earth Science Unit
• 6. Physical Science Unit
• 7. Social Studies Unit – U.S. History up to the
Language Arts
Journal writing
• Reading Book Reports
Letter writing
– 12 green sheets fiction/nonfiction
Narrative writing
Persuasive writing
• Reading Comprehension,
Report writing
Creative writing
development, locating
Writing Traits: Ideas &
Contents, organization, information, fluency
sentence fluency,
• Word study
If you have any questions, please
don’t hesitate to talk to your
child’s teacher.