Biology Name Cell Cycle

Cell Cycle
Follow the directions for each section carefully.
Section A (15 pts)
1. Label the diagram on the back of the sheet.
Include the following labels: interphase, G 1 , G 2 , S, Mitosis, Cytokinesis
2. On the diagram, write abbreviated steps of each phase of the cell cycle.
a. G 1 Phase – include: general events and steps of transcription and translation
b. S phase – include steps of DNA replication
c. G 2 Phase – include general events
d. Mitosis – include steps of mitosis
e. Cytokinesis – include steps
3. Color each phase a different color
Section B (7 pts)
1. Answer the following questions
a. What are the 2 cell types in humans that do not divide?
What phase are those cells “stuck” in?
b. What kinds of cells divide quickly?
c. What is cancer? How do healthy cells prevent it?
d. What is the final product of DNA replication?
e. Why is DNA replication important?
f. What is the building block of DNA?
g. What is the importance of genetic mutations?