An Easy Read Version of our Quality Account 2012/13 1

An Easy Read Version of our
Quality Account 2012/13
Part 1
This document tells you about the
care you will get if you use Plymouth
Community Healthcare services.
This includes if you go to:
 Hospital
 Have care in your home
 A community clinic
Quality means that a service
is good.
Plymouth Community Healthcare
wants to give the best care to
people who use our services.
We want to treat you with respect.
What are Quality Accounts?
A Quality Account is very important
because it helps us to tell you about
the quality of our services.
It tells you what our important plans
are to make our services even better.
It tells you if we are meeting these
Why are we writing a Quality
The Care Quality Commission looks at
the services we provide for the
We have to tell them how we are
doing in a report.
The Quality Account lets us show
how good our services are and how
we can keep making them better.
Introduction from the Chief
Hello and welcome to the Quality
Account from Plymouth Community
Steve Waite
To help us write the Quality Account,
we looked at lots of different
We talked with people who use our
services, carers, our staff, people
who pay us to provide those
We want to show we have listened to
what you have told us and how we
have made things better.
We will tell you in the next parts what
our important plans are for the next
Part 2
Our important plans for
making services better
What did everyone say?
Lots of good things about how
good the staff are and they feel
Some things are not so good.
Like letting you know when an
appointment has been
We have listened to what
everybody told us and here are our
important plans.
Our plans
Making sure that the people you see
treat you well.
Letting you know when appointments
have been cancelled or have been
Asking whether you would tell your
friends and family about how good the
treatment was that you got.
Keeping you safe when you use our
Keeping health records on the
computer so that the people who
treat you can get your information
Tell you about who we are and
what services we offer in a way that
you understand.
Giving you the right information at
the right time.
Making sure you do not have to
wait to long to see someone.
Finding better ways to help people
who are not well and involve the
people that care for them.
Looking at ways to help you get
better if you have had a stroke.
How will we check that we are
meeting these plans?
We will receive lots of reports about
how we are doing.
We will ask you if what we do is right.
We will listen to what you have to
We will work with other people to
help us.
Part 3
What are we doing to make sure
our quality is right?
We respect your wishes when we
care for you.
We train our staff to have the right
skills and to keep people safe.
We learn from complaints and make
services better.
We make sure we give the right drugs to
the right people.
We look at other ways to listen to
people who use our services and the
people that care for them.
We keep people safe from getting
infections in our care.
We keep our hospitals clean.
We keep our buildings safe.
We protect older people, people with
mental ill health and learning
Staff work in different ways, so they
can spend more time with you.
Help you to receive the care you need
whilst staying in your own home.
We look at what we do, and make
changes if it is not right. This is
called Audit.
We work to protect children from
harm at all times.
How can we tell if we are doing
You can tell us if we have got things
You can tell us if we have done
something wrong.
The Care Quality Commission will
tell us the standards we have to
work to.
They visited us in March and spoke
to patients, relatives and staff to find
out what they thought of the care
We are doing well.
If you would like more information
[email protected]
01752 434736
Patient Experience Manager
Plymouth Community Healthcare
Local Care Centre
Mount Gould Road
Plymouth PL4 7PY
Published June 2013 Review date: June 2014