Virtual Earthquake Earth System Science

Virtual Earthquake
Earth System Science
You will be going to the webpage below and looking at real seismic data taken from past earthquakes. You will
learn to analyze the data and locate the epicenter and calculate the Richter scale magnitude.
Do not print any documents in the completion of this assignment. You will show Mr. Foster your certificate at
the end of the activity for credit.
It is important to read carefully while completing this activity so you don’t have to start over.
1. Look at
2. Click on “Geo Labs online”
3. Click on “Virtual Earthquake”
4. Read this page and all pages following, then click on “Execute virtual Earthquake”
5. Read -then click on one of the earthquakes listed. Click “Submit”.
6. Read-that page and click on “View Seismograms”
7. Read- Estimate the three s-p intervals and insert them in the boxes provided. Click “convert s-p
8. Read- insert epicentrical distances and then click “find epicenter.”
9. Read- if it allows you go on to “compute Richter magnitude.”
10. Read- insert Richer magnitudes, Click submit to “namogram”
11. Read- enter magnitude and click “confirm mag.”
12. When you are finished show Mr. Foster the certificate on your screen or e-mail him a “screen capture”
for credit.
13. You may complete more than one earthquake for extra credit.