Acid / Base Worksheet

Acid / Base Worksheet
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Acid/Base worksheet by
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substances produced by hydrogen ions.
Comes from Latin word acidius which means “sour”
• A substance that produces
hydroxide ions in solution or
accepts hydrogen ions
• Bases taste bitter
• Bases feel slippery
• Strong bases are very dangerous
and can burn your skin
• When acids and bases are added to each other they react to neutralize each
other if an equal number of hydrogen and hydroxide ions are present.
• HCl + NaOHNaCl + H2O
• The scientific name for the reaction is called neutralization.
Ph Chart
•You measure the strength by finding the PH level.
Acid Rain
 Acid rain is a result of chemicals or pollution in the air being taken to the clouds
and atmosphere with the rain that is evaporated from the earth.
 Acid rain is very harmful to the environment. They also damage more than just
the environment-they can damage our health. High levels of SO2 in the air
aggravate various lung problems in people with asthma and can cause breathing
difficulties in children and the elderly. (Normal rainwater has a pH of 5.6. When
the pH level of rainwater goes below 5.6, it is considered acid rain.)
 High environmental acidity exists in most of Europe, parts of Canada, and
developing countries like China and India. Because the better known form is any
precipitation that contains high amounts of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide that
occur because of air pollutants.
 We can help to reduce acid rain by conserving energy and promoting
conservation and renewable energy efficiency in our community.
Blue berry indicator response scale
Blue berries