Step Into My World- Wheelchair Simulation

Step Into My World- Wheelchair Simulation
Activities to do when performing simulation
-Try to get around personal office
-Try to get inside and outside of buildings
-Walk to and from the Memorial Union
-Visit the Copy Center or Recreation Center in the Memorial Union
-Sit down at one of the tables at the Memorial Union, make the person move the chair
themselves (this might be a good time to rest if the person is getting tired of pushing)
-Order a sandwich at Subway, see if you can see what the toppings are
-Check out bathrooms around campus (Look for accessible stalls that you can get the
whole chair in and move around completely. Also try to reach the soap and towel
dispenser, see if there is a mirror to look at.)
-Take a walk around campus
Questions to ask throughout the simulation
Q: What are some of the accommodations that people that use wheelchairs receive on
A: Early registration, classes moved closer together as well as accessible classrooms
Questions to ask after the simulation
- What was the most frustrating task?
- Was there anything that could be done to make these tasks easier?