Math 166 Sections Q R S T U V Spring, 2012

Math 166 Sections Q R S T U V
Spring, 2012
Instructor: Justin Peters
Office: 446 Carver
Tel 294 – 7545
Office hours: MWF : 12 – 1, M: 2 – 3, and by appointment (Note: these hours could
change; check on Blackboard.)
Text: Calculus, 9th edition
by Varberg, Purcel, Rigdon
Pearson/Prentice Hall
We will cover
 Applications of the integral, sections 5.1 – 5.6, with an optional section on
probability, 5.7. 12 days
 Techniques of integration, sections 7.1 – 7.6, 11 days
 Indeterminate forms, sections 8.1 – 8.4, 7 days
 Infinite series, sections 9.1 – 9.9, 16 days
 Parametric curves, polar coordinates, sections 10.4 – 10.7, 5 days
This timetable should be taken as approximate, and it is possible we could deviate
slightly from it.
Exam I, Friday, February 3. This covers Chapter 5.
Midterm exam, Thursday, February 23, evening exam. This covers the material through
Chapter 7.
Exam III, Friday, March 9. This will cover the material through Chapter 8.
Exam IV, Friday, April 20. It will be announced in lecture exactly how much will be
Note: students are expected to be in class for exams. Exceptions will be made only for
official university activities (with explanation from the organizer) or illness, in which
case a doctor’s note is required.
Students should expect to have quizzes most weeks when there is no exam. Students will
be allowed to work in groups on quizzes. Each student will be required to have access
to MyMathLab, which is associated with the textbook. Homework will be assigned in
MyMathLab, and one of the exams (either Exam III or IV) will be given in MyMathLab.
Course grades will be computed from the hour exams, midterm, quizzes, and the final
exam. Each exam will have a grading scale which will be announced after the exam.
Each of exams I, II, IV will count as 100 points, the midterm as 150 points, and the final
as 200 points. The homework total will count as 100 points, as will the quizzes.
Disability: If you have a disability and require accommodations, please contact the
instructor early in the semester so that your learning needs may be appropriately met.
You will need to provide documentation of your disability to the Disability Resources
(DR) office, located on the main floor of the Student Services Building, Room 1076.
Resources: the Math Department Calculus page
has information about this course, as well as final exams from previous semesters.
A Math Help Room
is open most of the day to take questions.
Your recitation section is an important part of this course. Quizzes will be given there,
and that hour will afford you a good opportunity to ask questions.
Homework problems in MyMathLab will be posted on a regular basis.
Enrollment policy from the Dean’s Office
Note to students signed up for Math 166 who do not meet the prerequisites:
If you do not meet the prerequisites to be enrolled in Math 166 - a prerequisite grade of
C- or better in 165 or high math placement scores - then you will be asked to drop Math
166. This spring the Math Department will be vigorously enforcing this prerequisite.
Students who do not meet the prerequisite and remain in Math 166 will receive a grade of
“F” in the class. You need to drop Math 166 from your spring schedule now. You should
consult with your academic adviser about appropriate alternative courses.
Sale or distribution of Lecture Notes
Section 4.2.22 of the Student Disciplinary Code provides that class presentations are
owned by the presenter, the sale of lecture notes without the permission of the instructor
is prohibited. Internet posting of lecture notes is not permitted.