To: English 250 From: Ren Ke Date: 2008/9/1 Subject: writing skills

To: English 250
From: Ren Ke
Date: 2008/9/1
Subject: writing skills
I am Ren Ke, a girl comes from China. I have studied English since I was 13.
However, six-year’s experience in English study did not make any obvious progress
in my writing skills. Last year I started my trip to America. During one year’s practice
I find my writing skills are improved but still have trouble.
Strengths section
My skill in scenery describing is relatively higher. I can use Rhetoric practices
to describe the scenery and the images which I want to show to the reader. Though not
as good as those native speakers I think my description skills can give the reader a
clear dominant impression about the image.
Psychological description, comes after the scenery description is another strength.
Dialogues and the character’s body movement are significant elements of the skill. So
I often put them in my article to reveal the invisible activities— thoughts —of
Beside the two strengths I mentioned above; the development of further meaning of
the article is the third strength. Meaning to the article is like what heart to human. By
comparing and connecting the article to the real life I can make the article more
realistic and thoughtful.
Weakness section:
The biggest problem of my writing skill is I do know how to give out opinions
when writing argument essay. Sometimes even if I show the opinions I can not think
out evidence to prove my thoughts.
The second defect is the organization of an article. In my article I can always find
the lack of coherences between some paragraphs. What is worse, there seems to no
logical in some parts of my article.
As an international student the third weakness—fluency of the passage—is
unavoidable. Though I work as hard as I can; I still find there is no difference between
my writing level and a native primary school student’s level.
Goal section
My writing goal in this semester is to make my article to be more convincible, more
organized and more fluent.
Photograph section
I choose this picture because
the structure of this picture
gives me a sense of peace: the
old tree stands aside the road
and one couple walking along
the road hand in hand. All of
these are the component of
peace and harmoniousness.
Not only peaces it gives me
but also the deep meaning the
picture shows to me. In my
eyes the tortuous long road is
a simple of life. Only the one
who really love you can be
the one who hold your hand until reach the end of the road. No matter how long and
how hard the road is she or he is always stands with you; holding your hand;
walking and walking.
Though this picture is lack of modern photographic technology the images
shows the meaning of life. Also, the picture is organized very well and makes us feel
quite and comfortable.
Photograph Courtesy of Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division,
FSA/OWI Collection, LC-USF34-001603-ZB