Business Communication English 302/Fall 2003 “Communicating on the Job”

Business Communication
English 302/Fall 2003
“Communicating on the Job”
Assignment #4
Informative and Positive Memo
Write an informative and positive memo to the members of your class about
your service project and how it will be of benefit to them as ISU students.
1. Begin by sharing the good news immediately; give any good news and
summarize the main points.
2. Continue by giving details, clarification, and background; provide all the
information necessary to achieve your purpose and present details in the
order of importance to the reader.
3. Present any negative elements clearly but as positively as possible.
4. Explain reader benefits; show that the policy or procedure helps readers, not
just ISU, and give enough detail to make the benefits clear and convincing.
5. Use a good will ending that shifts emphasis away from the message to the
specific reader and suggests that serving the reader is the real concern.
Length: One-page memo
Time: Your first draft is due Wednesday (Oct. 22) at the beginning of class.
Format: On the due date of the first draft, bring five copies to class and submit a typed,
single spaced copy to each member of your workshop and one to your instructor. To
submit the final draft, further instructions will be given.
Audience: Your instructor and the members of your class will be the audience for this
assignment. Your polished piece for this assignment will be submitted at the end of the
semester in your portfolio for a final grade.
Evaluation: You will be given feedback for revision during your workshop by the
members of your group. You will submit a revised draft to your instructor who will
give you further feedback for revision during a conference.