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Meeting Overview – February 3rd, 2006
The Band of Brothers met on Friday February 3rd, 2006. The
meeting began at 2:30pm and was held in room 244 of the Memorial Union.
11 brothers were in attendance and each of them was actively engaged in
the discussion.
• Craig Barton
• Vernon Hall
• Dr. Gary Michael Tartakov
• Neil Hall
• Marcus Alexander
• Pierre Dunbar
• Thurston Dixon
• Vomero Ikoba
• Selorm Atiedu
• Eli Branch
• Obioma Ohia
At the beginning of the discussion brothers expressed their
views towards the recent news in the Iowa State Daily. African American
football players showed up again as Breaking News on the front page of
ISU Daily. There was also a caricature showing a Black Football
shooting himself in the foot. We addressed the effects of this article
on the Black community and possible reasons for the consistent exposure
and occurrence of these events.
The brothers considered media and other specific cultural
influences as the foundation for such corrupt behavior and exposure. We
examined an article speaking against Black Entertainment Television
which primarily reported that the station airs nothing but stereotypes
and negative influences while excluding educational and intellectual
Another major topic we touched on was the reason for it being
easier to identify Black rappers and basketball players than to name
prominent black leaders of today’s society. We examined the
environments that historic leaders emerged from and concluded that the
problems that existed in the past were more apparent and perceptible
than those of today. This reasoning illustrates that it is difficult
for leaders of this age to emerge and confront the injustices and flaws
of society.
There was difficulty arriving at a solid conclusion for any of
the issues, however through discussion, we improved our awareness and
The next meeting is scheduled for February 17th, 2006 at 3:00pm. The
room location will be announced in the reminder email. We will continue
our discussion from the last meeting and also question the meaning of
Black Love. Food will be provided.
Thank you,
Craig Barton
Band of Brothers Coordinator