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Integrated Resource Manager

Infrastructure Management & Monitoring


Business-Critical Continuity TM


• Provides a cohesive system for strategically managing energy, capital resources and process efficiency.

• Creates a holistic view of the data center that correlates business services with cost and risk to enhance planning.

• Close the gap between facilities by consolidating information into a common view. This helps to provide service at the lowest possible cost.

• Computes risk-adjusted values, that represent actual resource utilization over time, to maximize resource use while managing risk.

Rapidly determine where operational improvements can be made using visual reports and charts that provide detailed insight into such factors as reserved versus current load, risk-adjusted load and headroom.

Increasing demand, reduced budgets and staff, high energy costs and green initiatives have put the pressure on IT to provide the most efficient computing possible. But optimizing data center performance is difficult with the ad-hoc mix of tools typically used to plan and manage operations. IT organizations lack visibility into actual resource usage, thwarting their efforts to maximize use, understand impact on cost and accurately project resource needs.

Optimize the Performance of Your Data Center

Aperture Integrated Resource Manager effectively addresses this issue with a comprehensive strategy for managing energy, capital resources and process efficiency in the data center. IT organizations can now strategically deploy resources to achieve an optimal balance between costs and service, extend the life of data centers, reduce capital expenditure and increase resource efficiency and use.

Aperture Integrated Resource Manager captures and consolidates real-time data from the data center environment by directly monitoring devices and integrating with monitoring systems.  It aggregates this data into a single view of your physical configuration, incorporating your change and capacity management information. In order to set meaningful policies for managing rack loads, statistical analysis is done on the real-time information. Buffers are figured into this analysis so that risk is managed.  For the first time, organizations can understand how their data center operates and incorporate this information into their decisions about all aspects of data center operations, including equipment consolidation options and maximizing the utilization of resources to gain efficiency.

• Efficiently aggregate real-time operational data from multiple systems for comprehensive insight into operations over time. • Improve risk management with increased visibility into capacity and remaining headroom in infrastructure resources, such as power and cooling.

• Delay capital expenditures by ensuring resources are sized correctly to fully utilize existing infrastructure resources. • Deploy power and cooling resources closer to full capacity to reap the benefits of high density architecture.

• Support an optimization cycle for continuous improvement of resource utilization.

Building on the Aperture suite of advanced solutions for data center infrastructure planning and management, Aperture Integrated Resource Management provides real-time, risk-adjusted values to improve planning and management accuracy. With this single, holistic view, IT managers can model data center operation and check that model against actual measurements to project a highly accurate estimate of future capacity needs. This allows the execution of a comprehensive strategy for optimizing the use of the large capital investment that data center facilities represent.

Aperture Integrated Resource Manager

Infrastructure Management & Monitoring


Business-Critical Continuity TM

An efficient, unified solution for managing the data center

• Aggregate real-time data from multiple systems, devices and facilities into a single, centralized solution for managing service and optimizing resource use. IT managers can make intelligent decisions about rack capacity, allowing for more equipment within existing spaces. • Ensure accuracy across heterogeneous systems. Aperture Integrated Resource Manager integrates with a wide variety of monitoring systems from BMS to IT systems using standard protocols. The solution normalizes data into a single format to improve change and capacity planning across all data center environments.

• Automatically collect, normalize, consolidate and report on data from different systems to eliminate time-consuming manual data collection and quickly implement high density plans.

A highly accurate view of resource use with risk-adjusted values

• Gain insight into the actual resource load. Data center IT loads and non-IT loads vary over time depending on many variables. Taking single readings of key parameters to analyze the operation or efficiency of a data center can lead to misleading results. Aperture Integrated Resource Manager computes a risk-adjusted value from readings taken continuously. The mean and variance of these readings are used to derive a representative number of the actual load.

• Control acceptable risk for your organization. Use the modeling capability to define the level of risk for data centers, zones, racks and even the equipment used for specific applications. Manage aggressively by setting thresholds close to actual equipment capacities, or manage conservatively by setting thresholds lower, sacrificing some available capacity for reduced risk.

Immediate insight with in-depth reporting and visual dashboards

• Quickly ascertain power usage effectiveness and infrastructure efficiency with a visual management dashboard, a host of standardized reports and easily configured custom reports.

• Use curve and trend charts to plot available headroom and extend with the impact of pipeline projects.

• Gain insight into the data used to determine operational threshold, risk- adjusted load and headroom with extensive drill-down capabilities.

• Leverage the data as input to other Aperture solutions for provisioning and capacity planning.

Aperture Capacity Mgr Aperture Config Mgr Aperture Process Mgr

Integrates real-world information from monitoring systems into the data center management capabilities of Aperture.

AIRM SNMP Mon itori ng S oluti on

Enhances the capabilities of Aperture Capacity Manager by improving the accuracy of prediction for future resource usage.


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