• Understanding Exposure, Aperture Value and F-Stops


Getting to know your DSLR (Taking it off of the Automatic Setting)

Understanding The Exposure Triangle:

ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed:

Shutter speed: “TV” (Time Value) or “S” (Shutter) Mode

Controls how long is your Aperture open = How long will light affect your image Any “time-based” shot (Suspended mid-jump or blurred sheets of flowing water)

Aperture: “AP” Aperture Priority, “AV” (Aperture Value) or “A” Aperture Mode

How wide is the “hole” in your camera is that lets light in Shallow Depth of Field vs. Everything in crisp focus

ISO (Light sensitivity) (

International Standards Organization- Jeapordy answer) Meaning that you can shoot photos in less than bright conditions by increasing the sensitivity of your film (sensor) - Sensitivity to light (Higher ISO allows you to shoot in darker situations, but will add grain (noise)) Use

Aperture Priority

to adjust

Depth of Field


Time Value

Mode to adjust


Photos -The camera will correct for everything else Use Manual Mode once you are comfortable with Aperture Priority + Time Value Mode. For more photography help, contact [email protected]

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