Aperture Configuration Manager Benefits ®

Aperture Configuration Manager
• A proven solution in
enterprise data centers with
thousands of users tracking
millions of square feet.
• The system of record for
configuration data, providing
the basis for Data Center
Infrastructure Management.
• Enterprise-class architecture
with data-driven graphics and
comprehensive reporting and
• Flexible configuration tools
that adapt to the reporting
and tracking needs of
multiple data centers.
• Web-based interface for
global user access that
increases staff efficiency.
Infrastructure Management &
Monitoring for
Business-Critical ContinuityTM
Data centers rely on complete, accurate configuration information to ensure
smooth running operations. The ability to track all infrastructure components,
interconnections and relationships is essential to supporting business operations.
Many organizations have turned to IT Service Management (ITSM) processes and
tools to help them manage their data centers, but these tools do not cover the
physical domain of the data center.
Aperture Configuration Manager expands the principles of ITSM to the physical
infrastructure. As a key component of the Aperture suite for holistic data center
management, Aperture Configuration Manager eliminates barriers between IT and
Facilities by delivering complete current-state information including where devices
and equipment are located, the relationship between these these devices and their
resource usage.
A Complete System of Record for the Data Center
Aperture Configuration Manager provides a single source for information and
analytical reporting about equipment, space, power, virtual processes, cooling and
network/storage connectivity. Using this single ­system of record for the physical
infrastructure, organizations can effectively manage multiple data centers and
streamline core IT processes, such as change, capacity and incident management.
Whether installing a new physical or virtual server, making changes to the
environment or determining when a new data center is needed, IT staff can make
better decisions using Aperture Configuration Manager as the authoritative source
for physical infrastructure information to:
• I mprove capacity planning and management with real-time data for all key
metrics, such as floor space, rack space, power distribution, rack power and
upport green initiatives and avoid over-provisioning with clear visibility into
power and cooling usage.
• I ncrease compliance and simplify audit processes with accurate inventories of
equipment and resource use.
erform root-cause and impact analysis for planned or unplanned outages.
Reconcile the physical host locations of virtual processes, enabling improved root
cause analysis (RCA) and lowering mean time to repair (MTTR).
Aperture Configuration Manager provides
out-of-the-box dashboards for immediate
visibility and operational metrics.
Infrastructure Management &
Monitoring for
Business-Critical ContinuityTM
Aperture Configuration Manager
Extensive Reporting and Analysis
• P
re-configured analysis, inventory and planning reports help users
understand the current usage of resources and conduct audits to discover
additional efficiencies, such as eliminating unused servers.
• C
urrent state data for all components including floor-plans, racks and
cabinets, physical servers and virtual processes, switches, cards and ports,
power distribution components such as UPSs, PDUs, RPPs, breaker panels
and breakers, power strips and receptacles, ATSs, network components,
connections to power and connections to the network.
• I nteractive drill-downs offer quick access to details simply by clicking on
objects in drawings.
• F loor plan and rack elevation drawings, breaker panel displays and port-toport network traces are generated automatically.
• E asily configured system allows users to modify forms, drawings, reports
and extend the data tracked.
Clicking on any rack in a
visualization provides an
elevation view that mirrors the actual appearance of the devices as
if you were standing in
front of the rack.
• M
odels for current usage of power, space and network connections help
coordinate installation and planning for server build-outs as well as the recapture of unused power, because thresholds of safety were set too high.
• E quipment inventory and resource utilization reports enable impact
analysis of planned and unplanned outages.
• D
etailed reporting on racks simplifies the process of selecting appropriate
equipment locations to enforce standard utilization metrics and keep
racks at maximum loads.
• C
omplete audit trail of any changes in the data center helps meet
compliance and regulatory requirements.
Holistic Configuration Management
• I ntegration with Aperture Infrastructure Process Manager makes
it easy to analyze the impact of changes on the production
environment and reduce risk.
Rack and device display
reports provide a wealth of
detail including front and
rear-mounted devices, power
sources, manufacturer specifications, configuration data,
associated applications and
pending changes.
ynchronization with other ITSM systems, such as asset management,
aligns operational and financial management. Organizations can make
sure they are financially managing the assets in actual use within the data
Global Access to Information
• W
eb portal interface combines high-performance, data-driven drawing,
database, report writing and power modeling engines with configurable
forms, portal configuration tools, administration functions and
integration services.
se of the Aperture® extensive Symbols Library containing thousands of
graphic depictions of data center equipment enables accurate modeling
with the industry’s most comprehensive equipment database. The
Symbols Library includes device front and rear views, environmental
statistics and nameplate power usage data, dimensions, weight,
connection and port information for multiple manufacturers.
• M
ultiple search and display capabilities offer a variety of formats including
locators, visualizers, reports, object displays, floor plans and elevation
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