Depth of Field 2


Depth of Field

The area of Focus

Definition-the area, other than the subject, that is in focus.

• Great Depth of Field • Most everything in focus • When everything is important • Use a small aperture like f-16 • Shallow Depth of Field • Only part of image in focus • To avoid mergers and busy backgrounds • To isolate the subject • Use a large aperture like 2.8

Shallow Depth of Field

Great Depth of Field

How to Control Depth of Field • Aperture-smaller opening gives greater depth of field • Distance from camera to subject-closer to the subject less area of focus • Focal length-( lens size) longer focal length decreases the depth of field

Still Life with Eggs • Use odd numbers • Break up negative space • Avoid cute or silly ideas • Use natural light • Watch the camera angle • Try an objective and a non-objective approach • Objective-known recognizable objects • Non-objective-not objects; just shapes

Objective Approach • Karen Dillon

• Johnny Estes

Courtney Longino LFS Graduate

Heidi Hoover

• Mandy Dolezal

Gabe Hopkins

Non-Objective Approach Sandy Messler

Matt Kappleman

Derek Prater

Alexa Malik 2012

Assignment • Set up a still life with eggs • Set the lighting • Shoot with a small aperture opening (f-16) to get

great depth of field

• Plan the composition : • Focal point-use the rule of thirds • Balance of positive and negative space