Depth of Field 2


Depth of Field

The area of Focus

Definition-the area, other than the subject, that is in focus.

Great Depth of Field

• Most everything in focus

• When everything is important

Use a small aperture like f-16

Shallow Depth of Field

• Only part of image in focus

To avoid mergers and busy backgrounds

To isolate the subject

Use a large aperture like 2.8

Shallow Depth of Field

Great Depth of Field

How to Control Depth of Field

Aperture-smaller opening gives greater depth of field

Distance from camera to subject-closer to the subject less area of focus

Focal length-( lens size) longer focal length decreases the depth of field

Still Life with Eggs

Use odd numbers

Break up negative space

Avoid cute or silly ideas

Use natural light

Watch the camera angle

Try an objective and a non-objective approach

Objective-known recognizable objects

Non-objective-not objects; just shapes

Objective Approach

Karen Dillon

Johnny Estes

Courtney Longino

LFS Graduate



Mandy Dolezal

Gabe Hopkins

Non-Objective Approach

Sandy Messler

Matt Kappleman

Derek Prater

Alexa Malik



Set up a still life with eggs

Set the lighting

Shoot with a small aperture opening (f-16) to get

great depth of field

Plan the composition :

Focal point-use the rule of thirds

Balance of positive and negative space