Fiddler on the Roof Order Form -

Fiddler on the Roof
Order Form Students Name
Due back by Monday, March 7th
T-Shirt/Hoodie – See examples on the Show Board or on Ms. Walger’s website.
Gold Short Sleeve - $15 Circle size
(S M L XL)
(S M L XL)
(adult sizes)
Gold Hoodie - $25
(adult sizes)
Circle size
ADS - A wonderful way to tell your child great job! Please type or print
ads so that nothing gets accidentally misspelled! Please make sure you
email (to Ms. Walger) or attach it to the order form. If she doesn’t
have it won’t be in the program.
Single Line- $1
Business card - $5
Half Page - $10
Full Page - $25
Total for Ads
Total for the page $______________
Please make checks payable to CUSD 95
Please return to Ms. Walger by March 7th
We will have a 2nd order form out in March for Tickets, DVDs & Cast Party.