Lab 7 Report (Word format)

Lab 7 Report (20 points)
1. What is the motivation of this lab? Why is it an interesting question to investigate in both the
scientific and culinary context? (2 points)
2. What are the materials and methods that you used in this lab? Mention any modification you
made to the basic recipe by Alton Brown. Also mention the kind of glass you used for the
viscosity measurements (3 points)
3. Observe and record the appearance of the resulting five versions of sauce, and fill in Table 7.1.
Table 7.1: Time measurement for five versions of sauces (10 points)
Version of sauce
Sauce A (without butter)
Sauce B (without flour)
Sauce C (without egg)
Sauce D (without cheese)
Sauce E (all ingredients)
Appearance of the sauce
Time takes to reach the
bottom of the glass
4. Discuss what each of your results mean. For example, discuss what the different times mean,
which ingredient contributes to the observed change in viscosity and why. (4 points)
5. Please indicate the time it took for you to conduct this lab activity, and to complete the lab
report. (1 point)