Answers for Study Guide 3-3

The Cycling of Energy
Chapter 3-3 Study Guide
What is heat flow?
The transfer of energy from a
warmer object to a cooler
What occurs only when the
atmosphere is cooler that the
What is the major source of energy
for Earth’s system?
 The sun
What is the definition for:
 The process by which heat from the sun is transmitted to
What is the definition for :
Convection current?
 The process by which most heat energy from Earth’s interior
reaches the surface
What is the definition for:
Electromagnetic Spectrum
 The full range of wavelengths of radiation, including visible
light, infrared waves & radio waves
Name the process by which most
hear energy from Earth’s interior
reach the surface
 convection
What is transferred through Earth’s
system by convection and
 Thermal energy
Name what can form in the
geosphere and carry hear from
Earth’s mantle toward the surface.
 Convection currents.