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Heat Transfer Interactive
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What substances are good conductors?
What substances are poor conductors?
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Click on the sun
Heat ___________throughout our environment all of the time.
What is radiation?
Wherever you are, you are aware of things that are __________or
___________or are getting warmer or cooler.
Dive into a swimming pool or walk on the ______________barefoot in
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Draw a picture representing radiation
the summer and you know about _______________transfer. In our
environment, heat transfer is always from the _____________object
What are other examples of radiation?
to the ______________object. Heat transfers to and through some
materials better than others.
How does heat transfer?
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Click on the hot air balloon
What is convection?
Click on the pot
What is conduction?
How does convection relate to density?
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Draw a picture representing convection
Draw a picture representing conduction
What are other examples of convection?