Life Science - Ms. Pogorelskin's Classroom

7th Grade Science
2015-16 Course Syllabus
Room 37
Ms. Pogorelskin
Class website:
Course Overview
Welcome to Life Science and this year’s study of life, as we know it! Throughout this
course students will learn a variety of things about life science from the smallest
cellular level to the biggest ecosystems. This information will be covered in multiple
Unit 1: Intro to Life Science
Unit 4: Human Biology
Scientific Method
Characteristics of Life
Necessities of life
Unit 2: Cellular Biology
Cell structure
Intro to organization of life
Photosynthesis/cellular respiration
Organs, muscles, and bones
Cardiovascular system
Nervous system
Reproductive system/ HIV unit
Unit 5: Evolution
Unit 3: Heredity and DNA
Unit 6:History of Life/Classification
Principles of genetics and heredity
Structure and function of DNA
Animal Nomenclature
Intro to animals
Students will participate in both class and lab activities. Students should expect
some homework and assignments that are to be completed outside of class. It is my
goal to create an exciting environment where students can explore and be
successful in science, but I need their commitment and good attitude to make it
Required Materials
 100+ page journal/notebook (2 are needed- one for each semester)
This will be used as the student’s science journal and must be brought to class
everyday. Most assignments will be kept, and graded, in this notebook. NEEDED
 Pencils (number 2 is preferred)
 Colored pencils (a 12 count set is fine)
 Pens (blue or black)
 White out (tape only)
 Binder Paper
 Folder
 Glue Stick
 Scissors
 Highlighter
A pencil sharpener and ruler are recommended, but not required
Classroom Expectations
1. Come to class prepared and on time (this means in your seat with all your
2. Follow directions promptly when given
3. Be respectful to your peers, yourself, your teacher, and your materials.
4. Use the lab materials SAFELY and CAREFULLY. Make sure you’re
concentrating on what you’re doing!
5. There is NO EATING IN CLASS. You don’t want to eat something gross on
Cheating, Plagiarism, and Academic Dishonesty Policy
If a student is caught cheating on any assignment, they will receive a zero (F) for
assignment. Cheating, in any form, is unacceptable and parents will be informed.
School Rules
Cell Phones: Use of cell phones is not permitted anywhere on school grounds. Cells
phones will be confiscated if they are seen out on school grounds. Parents will need
to pick up the cell phone in the front office.
Gum: Gum is not allowed on campus.
Uniforms: Bridgeway Island is a uniform school. Students need to be in uniform
dress every day, except for school spirit days. You may be asked to bring a uniform
outfit to school if your child comes to school in street clothes.
Disruptive/Disrespectful Behavior:- including but not limited to: name-calling, insults,
profanity, “shut up”… disrespectful behavior is not tolerated, even if it was a “joke”
Discipline Policy
The following is a list of consequences that can occur when a student chooses not to
abide by the classroom rules and procedures. This order can be changed at my
1st offense: Warning
2nd offense: Stepping outside to regain composure or seating change in classroom
3rd offense: “Think It Through” in another classroom – parent notified
4th offense: 30 minute after school detention
5th offense: Administration referral
Work is assigned as needed. There are numerous ways to obtain the assignments
that are given (white board, class blog/website, Google Classroom, and classmates).
Assignments will be posted to Google Classroom, as well as to the classroom blog.
The blog will also provide a run down of what happened in class. Homework
assignments are due at the beginning of the period, unless in the case of a
catastrophic event.
Late Work
It is THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to obtain and complete all missed work
during their absence. Only students with excused absences will be allowed to submit
late work for full credit. Students have one week to complete the assignment.
Unexcused/frequent late work will be graded at the teacher’s convenience for
partial credit.
Any paper that is turned in without a name will be placed in the no name box until it
is identified and claimed. Once that is done, it will be treated as late work and
receive half credit. Any student who copies the work of another student or from
the internet/book/etc will receive a ZERO for the assignment and be referred
to administration for cheating/plagiarism.
Tests and Quizzes:
Tests will be given approximately at the end of a unit of study. You will be given
notice one week in advance to prepare for a test. Quizzes can be either announced
or unannounced and are given frequently to gage student learning. If a student is
tardy ad the beginning of class without office approval, they will not be given extra
time. Any talking or disruptions caused by a student during a test or quiz will
result in a zero for that assessment. There are no warnings. Students caught
cheating will receive a zero and a referral to the office.
Test Retake:
Original grades that are below 60% may be improved to a maximum of 70%.
Retakes will be given up to 1 week after the original test date at lunch or after
school. You cannot retake quizzes.
Lab Participation
Students will be expected to work cooperatively in groups or pairs, completing lab
activities to reinforce concepts and investigate, or discover, new ones. Students will
demonstrate understanding by completing lab write-ups.
Extra Credit
Extra credit will be given a few times throughout the year. Students are
recommended to take advantage of these opportunities. E.C does not replace
missing work.
100 – 90%
89 – 80%
79 – 70%
69 – 60%
59% and below
Grades for this class will be determined by a point system. Points from class
activities, homework, projects, quizzes, and tests will add up over the course of the
quarter. Grades will then be determined by the ratio of points earned to the
maximum points possible. Attendance is extremely important, as we have found a
direct correlation between good attendance and good grades. I will make every
effort to update the grades biweekly.
Remind App
We will be using the remind app as a tool for classroom and assignment reminds.
This app allows students and parents to receive text message reminders through a
third party from your teacher. You can find more information about the safety and
the use of this app on my website in the materials tab. You may either download the
app on your phone or device to join your class, or text one of the following
addresses (depending on class period and subject) to the number 81010.
 1st period: @nucleus1
 2nd period: @cytoplasm2
 4th period: @golgibody3
 5th period: @ribosomes4
My Promises to You
1. I believe in you and your ability to succeed. Therefore, I will demand that
you give me your best effort.
2. I will always listen to you. I only ask that you bring your questions,
concerns, or comments to me in a calm and respectful manner at the
appropriate time. Individual concerns should be addressed in individual
meetings that can be arranged by seeing me before or after class.
3. I will respect you, and I will expect that you respect all others in the
classroom, including yourself. Please let me know, individually, if you are
feeling disrespected.
4. I will learn from you. Each and every student brings their own
perspective and experiences to the class that we all benefit from.
5. If you ever feel that I am not living up to these promises, please schedule
an individual conference with me. I work hard to ensure that I am true to
my word and that I am giving you my best.