The Fall of Vicksburg

The Fall of Vicksburg
North could not use Mississippi River w/o
capturing Vicksburg.
Vicksburg sat on cliff high above the river,
where Confederates used cannons on Union
Ulysses S. Grant devises a plan to march
inland, and surprise the Confederates.
The Fall of Vicksburg Cont’d…
For over 6 weeks, Grants forces lay siege
(military blockade) to Vicksburg.
Food supplies ran out, and on July 4, 1863,
the Confederates surrendered at Vicksburg.
Union Victory at Gettysburg
Gen. Lee of Confederacy moved his army north into
Hoped for surprise attack in 3 day battle of
Day 2: July 2nd- Confederate attack fails/ heavy
Day 3: July 3rd- Pickett’s Charge- General Pickett
lead 15,000 men in a death march towards the
center of the Union line.
Quotes from Gettysburg
Union Soldier, “Men fire into each other’s
faces not five feet apart. There are bayonet
thrusts, saber strokes, pistol shots, men
going down on their hands and
knees…gulping blood, falling legless,
armless, headless.”
Gen. Lee after Pickett’s Charge, “It’s all my
South Surrenders
Union began a drive to capture Richmond in
May 1864.
Both sides lost many men. The Union could
replace men & supplies, the South could not.
Grant takes Petersburg and Richmond, on
April 2nd 1865.
Lee surrenders at Appomattox Courthouse
on April 9, 1865.