Union Victories at Gettysburg and Vicksburg - MsKrieger

Union Victories at
Gettysburg and Vicksburg
Lee Invades the North
• – After Battle of Chancellorville, where
Confederates accidentally shot General
Stonewall Jackson, Lee decides to go North
again. Crosses into PA in 1863.
Battle of Gettysburg
• July 1-3. 90,000 Union vs. 75,000 Confederates. Union
forces struggling to maintain position at Cemetery
– Pickett’s Charge: July 3. Conf. Gen. George Pickett orders
direct charge at the center of the Union line… uphill 
total failure. Conf. retreat… once again, Union fails to go
after Conf. Army and Lincoln is furious.
– North = 23,000 casualties (1/4) and South = 28,000 (1/3).
Brokenhearted Lee brings Army back to VA. Conf. will
never recover from this loss.
Siege at Vicksburg
• A year earlier, Grant’s river victories had opened most
of Mississippi River. When direct attacks on last
stronghold failed, Grant decided on a long siege of
Vicksburg, MI.
– May-July 1863 – Union surrounds city, cutting it off from
food and supplies. Townspeople move into caves to
protect themselves from constant bombardment. After
month and a half, city surrenders.
– This victory fulfilled major part of Anaconda Plan… Union
controls entire Miss. River  South now split in two!