C 11 S1 *Jacksonian Demoracy*

C 11 S1
“Jacksonian Democracy”
Andrew Jackson’s
Presidency was
shaped by his political
beliefs and national
 Jackson favored states’ rights and
mistrusted strong central
 Jackson made the American political
system more democratic.
 By the 1820s voting requirements
had been loosened .
a. Mainly the property requirement.
b. Most white males could vote.
c. Women, Blacks and Native
Americans could not.
C 11 S1
“Jacksonian Democracy
 Spoils System, Jackson fired many
federal workers and replaced them
with his supporters. “To the victor go
the spoils.”
 The unpopular caucus system was
replaced by the nominating
a. Allowed more people to
participate in the selection process
C 11 S1
“Jacksonian Democracy
Tariff Debate:
Northern factory
owners supported a
high tariff.
Southern planters
objected to the high
tariff because it meant
higher prices
 Calhoun argues that a state could
nullify a federal law,South Carolina
passes the Nullification Act 1832,
declaring it would not pay “illegal
a. Threatens secession.
 Jackson supports a bill that would
lower tariffs
a. South Carolina supports the lower
 Jackson asks Congress to pass the
Force Bill.
a. South Carolina nullified the Force