Today's Agenda



4/5 September 2012 Agenda

I. Seating Chart

II. Supply List

III.Classroom Expectations

IV.Fire Drill Procedures


Bring the following supplies to the next class:

A one-inch binder filled with standard looseleaf paper

Several black or dark-blue ink pens

Later, I will give you a list of novels you need to buy for this class.

Classroom Expectations

1. Bring your class materials to every class; I will not provide them for you.

2. Homework must be submitted at the beginning of the class.

3. I will not accept late work unless you provide a written explanation from your parent(s).

4. You are tardy if you are not in your seat when the bell rings.

5. Use your


judgment when deciding on

appropriate language and behavior.

Fire Drill Procedures

A.P. Test Discussion


List the names of famous novels, short stories, plays, and poems you have read.

Poetry Analysis (TPCASTT)

T itle: Before reading the poem, what does the title signify?

P araphrase: Translate the poem in your own words.

C onnotation: Contemplate the poem beyond the literal meaning.

A ttitude: Observe the speaker’s and the poet’s


S hifts: Note shifts in speakers and tones .

T itle: Examine the title again on an interpretive level.

T heme: Determine the insight about life or human nature which gives the poem meaning.

In your notes, analyze “Mending Wall”, pgs 1190-1191, using TPCASTT.

Summer Reading

Assignments are due next class!