Vincent D. Joseph, FACHE - Bloustein School of Planning and

10:501:203 Introduction to Health Administration
Thursday: 10:20 am – 1:20 pm
Spring 2015
Vincent D. Joseph, FACHE
Executive Vice President
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
Email: [email protected]
I. Course Description and Objectives: Application of administrative theory to health care
delivery, policy, and planning. Understand the structures and functions of management. Be able
to apply the principles learned in the field of healthcare.
This course is a three credit elective for Public Health student interested in expanding their
frame of reference to include the administration, management, and leadership of organizations
providing health services in a wide range of settings.
II. Required Textbook: Delivering Health Care In America
Leiyu Shi & Douglas Singh
A number of additional readings will be assigned including handouts in class discussing
management practices and theories as
well as supplementing the health care chapters.
III Format of the course: The course will include lectures and substantial class participation.
Lectures will review assigned readings and highlight practical examples of healthcare
administration and “real-life” tools and techniques of management. Each student is expected to
come to class fully prepared and regularly participate in class discussion.
Students will be encouraged to develop knowledge of current events in healthcare
administration. Students may be required to bring in a healthcare article from a current
newspaper or journal with a one-page typed summary. The summary should comment on the
relevant healthcare administration issue and highlight the management principles involved.
Each week specific topics or areas will be assigned to correspond to the readings and lectures.
Oral presentations of the current event article may be given by several students each week.
Students will be expected to learn the broad range of healthcare administration opportunities.
Students will learn management principles applied in various health services organizations.
Students will be expected to demonstrate knowledge of current events and future trends in
healthcare administration.
IV. Grading:
mid-term examination
final examination
class participation
current event article
The above four grades will be averaged together for the determination of the final grade.
Exam dates: Tentative
V. Academic Integrity Policy:
VI. Office Hours: Office hours will be arrangement only.
VI. Course Chapters:
Week 1 –
Week 2 –
Week 3 –
Week 4 –
Week 5 –
Week 6 –
Week 7 Week 8 –
Week 9 –
Week 10 –
Week 11 –
Week 12 –
Week 13 -
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