Study Guide for Tuesday, April 18th Nervous System TEST

Study Guide for Friday March 28th
Nervous System, Respiratory System, Excretion TEST
1. Read Ch. 15 –P. 487-499
2. Study Notes on Respiratory System, Excretion, Neurons, Nervous System
3. Study Quizzes on Neurons, respiration and excretion
4. Know how to label the lungs, urinary system, neuron, the main parts of the
5. Know the metabolic wastes and where they come from
6.Know the order that air would enter the lungs (what it passes through
first, second…)
7. Know the order of a nerve arc…what happens first, second…
8. Know the order urine flows through the urinary system
9.Know what the Somatic and Autonomic systems do
10. Know what the main functions of the parts of the brain we learned about
11. Know the different types of neurons and what they do
12.Know what the CNS and PNS are and what they are composed of