8th Period PPT - Tuesday_ November 6th_ 2012

Human Body Systems
November 6th, 2012
Activity 2.2.1: The Neuron
(30–35 Minutes)
 Your homework was to complete the diagrams of the neurons
– those will be collected on Thursday!
 Part II: Relaying the Message (Partners)
 You will create a flow map of how the nervous system and body
interact from the time of seeing a cockroach to your reaction
(stepping on it, running, picking it up)
 Please read the full instructions – you need to use linking words
and pictures!
 Once finished with Part II, answer the conclusion questions
Activity 2.2.2: The Secret to
Signals (60–65 Minutes)
 Read Introduction
 “Action Potential” Interactive and Student Response Sheet
 “Crossing the Divide: How Neurons Talk to Each Other”
 How Neurons Communicate Paragraph(s)
 Draw and label a diagram of two neurons that are passing
along the “message.”
 “Neuroscience for Kids” Article
 5 Trivia Questions
 Finish Activity 2.2.1: The Neuron
 Flow Chart (on Copy Paper)
 Conclusion Questions
 IF you didn’t finish your Model of the Neuron, you will be able to
do so once I return!
 Finish Activity 2.2.2: The Secret to the Signal
 All Activities & Conclusion Questions