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7th Grade Final Exam Pre-Test
Multiple Choice: Select the answer that best completes each statement or question.
1. The basic units of structure and function in the nervous system are the
A. synapses.
B. neurons.
C. dendrites.
D. axons.
2. A space or gap that exists between an axon and dendrite is called a
A. synapse.
B. neuron.
C. mylein sheath.
D. Node of Ranvier.
3. The structures that carry nerve impulses from other neurons toward the cell
body are
A. synapses.
B. neurons.
C. dendrites.
D. axons.
True and False: If the statement is true, write “true”. If the statement is false, write
4. Interneurons connect sensory neurons and effectors.
5. Nerve impulses travel in one direction along a neuron.
6. The peripheral nervous system is composed of the sense organs and spinal
cord, while the central nervous system is composed of nerves and the brain.
7. Planet Earth is 4.6 trillion years old.
Identification: Identify the labeled parts of each of the following diagrams.
Respiratory System
Right Lung, Right Bronchus, Trachea, Diaphragm, Larynx, Nasal Cavity,
Epiglottis, Left Lung, Left Bronchus, Pharynx
Neuron Structure
Cell Body, Dendrite, Axon, Synapse, Myelin Sheath, Node of Ranvier
Matching: Match the following organ systems to the descriptions.
Skeletal System, Muscular System, Integumentary System, Digestive System,
Circulatory System, Respiratory System, Excretory System, Endocrine System,
Nervous System, Reproductive System, Immune System
Transports oxygen, wastes, and digested food throughout the body and
includes the heart.
Protects and supports the body and includes the skull.
Supports the body and enables it to move.
Regulates various body functions using hormones.
Conducts messages throughout the body to aid in coordination of body
Fights disease.
Produces male and female sex cells.
Removes liquid and solid wastes from the body.
Protects the body and includes the skin.
Receives, transports, breaks down, and absorbs food
throughout the body.
Permits the exchange of gases in the body.
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