Absolute Location

Lines of latitude and longitude are a grid of
imaginary lines that cross the Earth.
These lines help us to find exact locations on
the Earths surface.
Why do you think latitude
and longitude are important?
Lines of latitude run around the earth from
East to West, parallel to the equator.
The equator is an imaginary line that runs
around the center of the earth from East to
West. (like the Earth’s belt)
Lines of longitude run around the earth from
North to South. These lines are not parallel
and will intersect at the north and south
The prime meridian is
considered the center
line in dealing with
The Earth is divided into four hemispheres.
The equator divides the earth into North and
South hemispheres
The prime meridian divides the earth into
East and West hemispheres.
Every location on Earth will be located in
exactly two hemispheres.
Which hemispheres are we in?
Latitude and longitude are expressed using
Coordinates are two numbers expressed in
degrees (⁰).
Example: 40⁰N, 30⁰W
is read as 40 degrees North, 30 degrees West
Things to remember…
 Latitude always comes first
 Longitude always comes last
Now Let’s Practice!