DJF Dream job future

Dream job future
Lara Rebernik & Petra Vretenar
My Dream Job
It is a freelance job, meaning that you
are your own boss – you choose your
workplace, time and assets spent.
 Area of expertise would be business and
environmental sciences.
 We
would like to travel around the world
and therefore work on projects on
different locations. Transportation and
communication will be so highly
developed that we could work from any
place in the world (exp.: LA to NY in 20
minutes by train)
 Since
we are working on projects we can
divide our time between work and
personal time as we please, as long as we
get the job done on time.
 We won’t have stationary office – the
world is our office, changing environment
serves well for inspiration and creative
approach in solving problems.
 For
remote work, internet is the initial
communication channel.
 We can use services like Skype, voIP
calling, IM, Social networking
 With our work we will help to improve
environment and different start-up
companies with their beginnings, on the
other hand we would do marketing and
consulting jobs for existing companies.
 Company
as we know it today, won’t
exist anymore in sense that we go to work
every day from 8 to 16, you will be able to
choose your own schedule, the emphasis
would be on delivered results and your
productivity won’t be measured by time
spent in the office.
 We also would not have conventional
hierarchy; depending on project we
would choose project manager, the
person that is an expert on a certain area.
 Salary depends on your part and
responsibility in project.
My Dream Education
 Needed
skills are:
Communication skills, creativity, analytical
thinking, initiative, excellent computer
literacy, expert knowledge of your area of
expertise, the great emphasis would be on
the fact that you actually know how to do a
certain thing in practice, not just on paper,
also important is cultural awareness and
knowledge of different languages (maybe
even to create universal language).
 Firstly,
we should specialize sooner (and
also help undecided pupils to find their
 Secondly, on the level of higher
education we should be able to choose
more freely (exp.: economics and biology
together etc.) – to have major and minor
degree (we don’t have this system in our
 Thirdly, we think that we should shorten
our schooling time – quality is more
important than quantity.
 We
would like to introduce more practical
training; in fact, we would base our
educational system on practice and
through hands-on experience we would
also learn the theory that is needed.
 With this approach we would start in high
schools and intensify it on level of higher
 Since we support eco- and financialfriendly behavior we would encourage
virtual classrooms
 In
our opinion no radical changes will
happen in following 10 years, because of
our rigid systems
 Since educational institutions are owned
by government, it is in their hands to make
important changes
 We are developing as society and we
have outgrown the model that worked 20
(or even more) years ago
 We should align needs of market with our
educational system
 However, it is on us to evolve and
develop our skills, to take initiative and to
be master of your own destiny