Based on our discussions and research this week, identify at least

Based on our discussions
and research this week, as
well as what you have
learned in other classes,
identify at least three ways
to develop curriculum in the
language arts classroom.
Essential Questions
Themes and essential questions help
to frame student inquiry and promote
critical thinking.
Reside at the top of Bloom’s taxonomy.
They also provide a helpful
framework for organizing a unit of
study using a multi-genre approach.
Good essential questions have the
following criteria in common:
Can be revisited throughout the unit
to engage students in evolving
dialogue and debate
Lead to other essential questions
posed by students
Good essential questions have the
following criteria in common:
Open-ended questions that resist a
simple or single right answer
Deliberately thought-provoking,
counterintuitive, and/or controversial
Require students to draw upon
content knowledge and personal
Guidelines for Essential Questions
1. Students must be able to understand
the essential question(s).
2. The language of the questions should
be in broad terms.
3. If there are multiple essential
questions within a unit, use a logical
sequence when guiding students
through the questions and unit.
4. Post essential questions in your
American Literature Unit
The American Dream
What is the American Dream, and to what
extent is it achievable for all Americans?
In what ways does the American Dream
mean different things for different
How has the American Dream changed
over time?
American Dream Unit
What is the perspective of a given nature,
culture, or region in regard to the
American Dream and what factors create
those perceptions?
What are the responsibilities and
consequences of being a "world
Are independence and dependence
separable or inseparable?
Speech Instruction
How does understanding
the communication
process affect our lives?
How does learning to use
critical listening and
speaking skills enhance
our interpretation of
How does using efficient
language increase our
ability to speak
How does studying
various forms of public
speaking enhance our
effectiveness as
How do research skills
help us present our ideas
more skillfully?
How does understanding
the nature of group
discussion help us
become more productive
members of society?
How can I apply my
speaking skills to different
Other Language Arts Essential
Why should I be able to identify different
genres in literature?
What is the relationship between literature
and history?
How can writing help me communicate my
feelings and express my creativity?
What is the impact of other people's lives
on our culture?
Greece Central School District, New York