Human Anatomy

Human Biology
• What is the basic unit of structure and
function in a living thing?
• Organize the following from smallest to
largest: $1, 50¢, $5,000, and 1¢
• Why do the cells in the following pictures look
Specialized Cells Perform Specific Jobs!
• Red blood cells: Bring oxygen, carbon dioxide
and nutrients around the body
• Nerve cells: Send messages around the body
• Digestive cells: absorb nutrients from food
• Lung cells: Get oxygen in and carbon dioxide
• Bone cells: supports body and protects organs
• Reproductive cells: produce offspring
• Muscle cells: move the body
• Cells combine to form tissue. Tissue is a
• There are 4 kinds of tissue:
– Connective Tissue
• 2 Types of Muscle:
• Involuntary muscles are
-Example: digestive muscles
• Voluntary muscle are
-Example: biceps and triceps
• Skeletal muscles help move bones and work in
carries messages back and
forth from the
and the body
covers your body and protects
tissue underneath it
– Example:
• Organs are all of the different parts of our
body composed of different kinds of
• Organs work together to accomplish jobs and
create body systems
• Organ systems are groups of organs that do
certain jobs in our body
Digestive System!