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Thomson Advantage Books:
Building a Speech, 6th Edition
Sheldon Metcalfe
ISBN: 0-495-00657-2
Just What You Need to Know and Do NOW!
Your eResources with Building a Speech, 6th Edition
- Premium Website Activities
– Speech Builder Express
- InfoTrac College Edition
- vMentor
Speech Builder Express ™
• Speech Builder Express™ is your online coach
for speech organization and outlining.
• Prompts you through the steps of developing a
speech- even helps you format your works cited
and strategize about visual aids!
Primary Benefits of SBE
• Entirely web-based interface
– No CDROMs. Students can access
work at any time from any webaccessible computer
– Helps students develop information
• Intuitive approach
– Wizard-style interface leads
students through process without
doing the work for them
Using Speech Builder Express
Create a New Speech
• Once user has created an account
and logged in, s/he must make a
number of choices
– Type of speech to be developed
• Introductory, Informative, Persuasive,
– Will you use the timeline feature?
• Yes/no (Enter dates for yes)
– Instructor’s email address
– Use of visual aids
• Yes/no
Speech Builder Express
• Quick Access to every step
in the development process
• Shows which steps have
been completed and allows
immediate access to steps
currently under
development – just click on
the step you want to work
• The first major step will ask the user to type in
his/her specific goal/purpose
• Step 2 will lead the user through a
series of questions to develop a thesis
for the speech
• Step 3 will use the same question/answer approach to help
the user determine the appropriate organizational pattern for
the speech
The Outline
• Step 4 will ask the user to type in the main points and sub
points that will become the outline
The Introduction
• Once the body of the speech has been developed,
the user will be prompted to develop his/her
introduction beginning with choosing an attention
The Conclusion
• Following the introduction, the user will be prompted
to develop his/her conclusion
• The “Works Cited” step prompts the user to
format the references for the speech
Visual Aids
• Step 8 provides some brief assistance with
developing visual aids if the user answered “yes” at
the opening screen
Completing the Outline
• The final step will allow you to review the previous
steps, check for errors, and complete the formatting
and delivery options for your outline
Other Useful Information
• Most users will not complete a speech in
a single session
• The Student Home Page allows users to
re-enter the program to complete their
work or to begin a new speech
Useful info
• The progress bar and timeline allow the user to
keep track of his/her progress
Formatting and Delivery
• Export to Word
– Allows user to export outline in to MS
Word for further editing, printing, or
• Email to Instructor
– Allows user to email a copy of the
completed outline to instructor
Reference Tools
• Video Clips
– Shows user an example
of how the concept can be
incorporated into the
• Infotrac
– Connects user with
Infotrac research service
to find supporting
• Tutor
– Directs user to chapters in
text which explain
concepts being used
InfoTrac College Edition
• Allows you to do research
online with access to more
than 6,000 scholarly journals,
newspapers, and magazines
• Lets students interact with experienced
tutors right from their own computers at
school or at home.
• Available during evening hours when
students are preparing for class.
Registration Walkthrough
Go to www.thomsonedu.com/login.
Click "Create My Account“.
Click on the “student” button.
Enter your access code.
It came with your textbook or you may have
purchased it online or at the bookstore.
Enter your account information
and then click on the “continue” button.
Read through the license agreement and then
click on “I Agree” and then “continue”.
"My Dashboard" lists all of your available resources.
Click into any of your resources to begin.
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