Sophomore Engineering Clinic I 11/14/14 Technical Lab Report

Sophomore Engineering Clinic I
Technical Lab Report Outline: Wind Turbine
Cover Letter
 Include each team member’s contributions during the lab period and writing sections
 Include each team member’s contributions to the lab report
Title Page
 The front page should contain the following: project title, names of the design team,
name(s) of the client, and date
 You may choose to include one graphic that illustrates the design solution
Executive Summary
 One-page summary of the project; this is more detailed than an abstract!
 Include all relevant information to fully define the project
 Review and summarize the problem definition, design description and evaluated results
Table of Contents
 Fully outline the content of the report
 Include major headings and sub-headings with corresponding page numbers
Problem Definition
 Scope:
o What is the problem that you are trying to solve?
 Technical review:
o Why is solving the problem important?
o Cite some literature here to support your argument
o Include 5 to 10 sources
 Design requirements:
o What were the constraints of the design?
Design Description
 Provide an overview of the final design:
o What were the characteristics of the wind turbine?
 Provide a detailed description of the wind turbine:
o How did you create the blades, angle the blades, determine the chord, etc?
 Discuss how the design was used:
o How does the wind turbine interface with the gearbox to generate power from the
wind tunnel?
Sophomore Engineering Clinic I
 Provide an overview of how you evaluated your final product:
o Briefly mention the code and cite the appendix
 Mention the simulated prototypes from MATLAB:
o Why are you simulating different prototypes?
o What did you obtain from the plots?
 Describe the testing and results that you observed:
o What was the overall process of parametrically designing the wind turbine?
o Include excel plots for Max Cp vs. pitch, # of blades, and chord shape
o How did the parameters impact your final design?
 Assess your final design:
o What were the characteristics of your final design?
o What were the strengths and weaknesses of your design?
o Include a plot of your predicted Cp vs. ω curve for the final design
o Compare your predicted results with your final test results
 Next steps:
o What could be changed that would improve the design?
o What other aspects did we not alter that may have led to an advanced design?
 Use IEEE to cite any references within the context of the report
 Be sure to number the citations appropriately and in order
 This section will contain any additional information that does not fit within the main
body of the report; typically this content will distract the reader