Module Description 2012/13

Department of Materials Science &
Module Description 2012/13
Module Code: MAT339
Module Title: Failures and Case Study
Module Convenor: Professor P
Module Links:
Credits: 10
Semester: 2
Brief Description (including aims of the course):
This course introduces students to the general methodologies involved in carrying
out a failure analysis. This will be achieved by formal lectures and failure analysis
practicals. The course will also examine how improvements in design, manufacturing
and inspection procedures can lead to failure prevention. Six lectures provide
background to the case studies, which include two lectures from Rolls-Royce
personnel, one from the librarian on literature searching and three on the material
selection issues in gas turbine engines. In a period of five weeks each group (5-7
members per group) must investigate and write a 2000 word report on a topic
specific to gas turbine engines (e.g. ‘Single Crystal Superalloy Blades’). The report
must include up-to-date references and thereby define the state-of-the-art, but also
make a comment on future directions.
Course Objectives:
By the end of this course, you should be able to:
•Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the factors governing materials
selection, manufacture and performance for applications in various components in a
gas turbine engine (including discs, blades, and coatings);
•Gain experience of group work with the collective need to generate a report that is
up-to-date and presentable to industry, within a fixed time limit;
•Recognise different types of failures and their cause using the basis tools of failure
•Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of failure;
•Demonstrate awareness of how design and manufacturing route can influence the
potential for failure in the product;
•Display knowledge of failure prevention techniques including inspection techniques.
30% Take Home Assignment;
50% Case Study 1 (PT)
15% Case Study 2 (BPW)
Booklist (A) Core Test; (B) Secondary Text; (C) Peripheral Reading:
To be advised.