Research Basics, Management Research, The Research Process

MBA 3rd Semester
Research Basics,
Management or Business
The Research Process
Course Instructor:
Muhammad Nouman
Review of
Course Syllabus
What is Research?
• “The systematic investigation into and study of materials,
sources, etc., in order to establish facts and reach new
conclusions” Oxford English dictionary
• “A process of finding out information and investigating
the unknown to solve a problem” Maylor and Blackmon
• “Something that people undertake in order to find out
things in a systematic way, thereby increasing their
knowledge” Saunders et al (2007, p.5)
Discussion Questions
• How is 9:00 PM News on GEO different
from ‘Meray Mutabiq’?
• How is 7:00 PM News on BBC WORLD
different from BBC HARDTALK?
• What is the difference between a News
Anchor and a News Analyst/Expert?
Modes of knowledge creation
• Mode I: questions set and solved by academic interests,
fundamental nature, little emphasis on utilisation
(Gibbons et al., 1994) – ‘pure research’
• Mode II: context governed by practice, collaborative,
need for practical consequences (Gibbons et al., 1994) –
‘applied research’
• Mode III: focus on the human condition – ‘assure
survival and promote the common good’ (Huff and Huff,
2001 via Saunders et al, 2007)
Basic Research Vs. Applied Research
Other Characteristics of
Business Research
• Knowledge creation
• Transdisciplinary
• Possesses personal or commercial advantage
• Practical in Purpose
Problem Identification
Problem Solution
Cause – Effect Relationship
Problem – Symptom Relationship
What Do Business Researchers
The Research Process
Formulate & Clarify Your Research Topic
Critically Review The Literature
Choose Research Paradigm/Approach and Strategy
Negotiate Access & Address Ethical Issues
Plan Data Collection and Collect Data Using One or More of:
(i) Sampling
(ii) Secondary Data
(iii) Observations
(iv) Interviews
(v) Questionnaires
Analyze Your Data Using One or Both of:
(i) Quantitative Methods
Forward Planning
(ii) Qualitative Methods
Write Your Thesis Report
Prepare & Appear for Viva
Reflection & Revision
Reference: Course Textbook