Ancient Egypt Project

Ancient Egypt Project
This project will be a 100 point project. You must choose a combination of 10 points of
activities. You may do 11 points for extra credit. The projects get more difficult and more time
consuming as the point value increases. You will get time in the computer lab on Monday and
Wednesday—other than this time in class your project will need to be completed at home.
One point activities
A. Define the following vocabulary words using your own words. Points will not be
awarded for definitions taken directly out of the textbook.
Delta, pharaoh, scribes, pyramid, hieroglyphics, Old Kingdom, Middle Kingdom, New
B. Create an afterlife checklist. Provide at least 10 items you would need to bring to your
afterlife, and provide reasons for why you need this item. Be sure and decorate your
C. Identify two pieces of information you know about Kush. Study the stone carving on p.
112. Draw on paper a stone carving that uses pictures to relate your two pieces of
Two point activities
A. Create a crossword puzzle using terms and information about Egypt either using graph
paper or an online service. You must have a minimum of twelve clues.
B. Create a colorful map of Egypt. Label the following places, AND tell about their
significance or how they relate to Egypt.
Nile River, Nile Delta, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Sahara Desert, Giza,
Memphis, Phoenicia, Mesopotamia
C. Research the Aswan High Dam. Give a brief summary of the dam (about 1 paragraph.)
Conclude by stating whether or not you believe the dam should have been built, and
provide at least three reasons why you think the way you do.
D. Find and print a recipe for Egyptian bread. Make the bread at home with the aid of a
parent. Bring it to class on presentation day.
E. Create a 3d death mask for a pharaoh.
F. Go to the following website and enter the keyword. Research the main features of
Egyptian art and architecture. Then, imagine you are an Egyptian artisan. Create a
piece of art to place inside a pharaoh’s tomb. Include hieroglyphics telling the pharaoh
about your art.
Five point activities
A. Make a pyramid pop-up book. Your book must include information about Egyptian
pyramids (including what they were used for, how they were made, what you would
find inside, and different areas of the pyramid.) Your book must have illustrations, text
describing the illustrations and the pyramids, and at least one pop-up page. Your book
can be no smaller than four pages.
B. Create a 3-d pyramid out of any material that you would like which will be displayed in
the classroom.
C. Create an ancient Kushite newspaper covering the conquest of Egypt. Writing should be
in 12 point Times New Roman font, in two columns, and 1 page.
D. Choose a pharaoh from the Ancient Egyptian time period. Write an essay detailing the
life of the pharaoh. Did he/she marry? Whom did he/she marry? Did he/she have
s=children? How and when did he/she become pharaoh? Describe some significant
events that occurred during their years of reign. How was Egyptian society impacted?
Your essay should be at least 1 ½ pages double spaced, Times New Roman font, 1 inch
*If you have an idea of a different project that you would like to do, feel free to ask to see if it is