Train the Trainer 1 & 2 Update

Train-the-Trainer 1&2 Update
January 30, 2015
Barb Donaldson
Julie Hesketh
Alex Henteleff
Helena Wall
Tatenda Bwawa
Carolyn McCusker
Carrie McDuff
Cathy Johnston
Dawn Winter
Kristal Plaetinck
Lynn Klassen Semeniuk
Corinne Adams
Rayeann Sobetski
Terri-Lynn Archambault
Wanda Gosselin
• Updates to the Website
– Can you connect to the website?
– Updates to QRCs
Privacy training
Checklists to use for preparing for training
Panorama Release this weekend
WRHA Practice Issues arising from Panorama
Inventory Practice Exercise
Updates to the Website
• Can you connect to the website?
– Northern has access now
• Changes coming to Quick Reference Cards
– We are using the TTT to get feedback and on the
• 0.2 Setting Defaults is being separated into 2 cards: one
for Panorama defaults and one for immunization
Privacy Training
• What is it?
– Update training on the privacy and personal health information
standards when changing to Panorama
• Why is it required?
– When RHAs signed the Information Sharing Agreement with
Manitoba Health it contained a requirement that all Panorama
Users sign a Terms of Use Agreement acknowledging their
– There are changes to personal health information collection and
use from MIMS
• Clients have a right to ask that their information be masked in
Panorama using a Disclosure Directive
• Clients can ask for a report of who has accessed their information
• MB Health has audit capabilities
Privacy Training
• Who will provide the training?
– MB Health will deliver a Train-the-Trainer
presentation targeted to regional privacy officers
and public health managers (or their designates)
via webex
• A copy of the presentation will be available for local use
– MB Health will deliver the user facing
presentation as an example of what regions
should deliver
• This presentation will also be available as a recorded
webex on the website
Privacy Training
• When?
– Train-the-Trainer session for Privacy Officers and
Public Health Managers (or designates)
• Tuesday February 10: 1:00 – 3:00 pm via webex
– Details to be sent from MB Health
– User facing presentation for Panorama Users
• Wednesday February 11: 1:00 – 2:00pm via webex
– Details to be sent from MB Health
– Both presentations will be converted to Youtube
videos and will be posted on the Panorama Manitoba
Privacy Training
• What is the content of the training for Panorama
Differences between MIMS and Panorama
Security Audits in Panorama
Terms of Use Agreements
Disclosure Directives
• What are they
• How will you know if there is a disclosure directive on a
• How do you “break the glass” to see the client information?
• What are the appropriate reasons to “break the glass”
• Implications for Public Health Practice
Checklist to Prepare for Training
• Checklist for contents of the training binder
• Checklist to prepare to deliver training
Panorama Release this weekend
• Panorama outage this weekend to add functionality
and fix problems
– Interfaces
– Disclosure directives
• Panorama will be up on Monday morning
• Release notes will be sent with notice that Panorama is
back up
• Release notes will be added to the website
• During our early days we expect to create releases
approximately once a month to fix problems and
enhance service
– Users will be notified about outages and changes
WRHA Public Health Practice Issues
arising from Panorama
• Some Issues that WRHA identified that require further
discussion and may impact operating procedures:
– In order to meet documentation standards, users should author
a note when adding a Client Warning (? Develop a
documentation Tip Sheet or update QRC)
– Anatomical site defaults don’t show up in mass imms (Although
this is not what we want, it is working as designed)
– Official Registry Addresses should never be chosen as an option
or deleted
– Questions re: applying consent (who, how, what etc…) will be
discussed at the Immunization working group (more info to
come in the future)
– More information to come in the future re: how to document
immunization for other organizations in Panorama
• A consent can be returned to missing on the event worksheet if it is
identified and corrected prior to the clinic date. The process will
follow in QRC or Tip sheet? Process involves changing granted to
refused and end dating for the same day. The next day it will
revert back to missing. If it is the day of or after, it can only be
changed to refused and will never return to missing on the event
worksheet. The consent will, however be correct on the client
• Immunizations that are incorrectly documented and later corrected
will not be reflected in inventory.
• To meet CRNM documentation standards, nurses will need to
indicate RN or LPN designation whenever something is documented
in a text box or comment field. More information will be provided
in the form of a recommendation from the immunization working
group as to whether initials, first initial and last name, full first and
last name should be used
Inventory Practice Exercise
• Create 5 new requisitions. Refer to QRC 4.2
– Use your main holding point (see next slide)
– Choose " next scheduled"
– Order only 1 vaccine/order (refer to vaccines in the training
– Select a small amount to order( 5 sku s)
• Submit all requisitions. Record requisition numbers
– Expect that it will take from 15 - 30 minutes for the status to change to
• Pick, pack and ship your requisitions. Refer to QRC 5.2
Remember to sign in with the MDA generic ID.
• Verify that all requisitions have change to the status "shipped"
SDL and Holding Points for Training
HP – Main & default
HP – Secondary
Ordering & Receiving
Viewing, Adjusting,
Brandon 80071
Killarney 80072
Altona 80077
Portage 80050
Thompson 80008
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Stonewall 80019
Fisher River
Fisher River 20012
Sagkeeng 20055
Cross Lake
Cross Lake 20023
South Indian Lake 20009
River East
River East 80068
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TTT2 & 3
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