Your Needs Your Personality

Your Needs Your Personality
A Pyramid of Needs
• Abraham Maslow – organized human
needs into the for of a pyramid
• Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs – Ranked
list of those needs essential to human
growth and development presented In
ascending order from the most basic to the
most fulfilling or satisfying
Physical Needs
• At the bottom of Maslow’s Pyramid are
Physical Needs
• Satisfy hunger, thirst, sleep and so on
• People who are denied these become
physically weak
• A lack of essential nutrients the body
needs also interferes with the normal
functioning of the brain, which in turn
affects a person mentally
Emotional Needs
• The Need to be loved
– Everyone needs to give love and to feel that he or she
is valued and loved In return
The Need to belong
Everyone needs to belong. Human beings are social
beings; that is, they need to be with and interact with
The Need to Be valued and recognized
Another emotional need that all human being have is
feeling that they have personal value or worth
Aesthetic Needs
• Word Aesthetic means “ARISTIC
• It applies to our response to or
appreciation of that which is beautiful
• We feel the need to appreciate beauty in
its many forms, and we also feel the desire
for order and balance In our lives
Self Fulfilling Needs
• At the top of the pyramid is the need to
reach one’s full potential as a person
• This includes having goals that motivate
and inspire you
• Self-actualization is a lifelong process
Understanding Your Personality
• Personality – Complex set of
characteristics that makes you unique and
sets you apart fro everyone else
• It includes your emotional makeup,
attitudes, thoughts, behaviors and more
• Psychologists – Professionals with
doctoral degrees who diagnose and treat
emotional and behavioral disorders.
Foundations of Your Personality
• Three things that are the foundation of
your Personality
– Heredity
– Environment
– Behavior
Personality and Heredity
• Heredity is the first influence on your
– Physical traits are inherited from parents
Personality and Environment
• 2nd factor affecting personality is you
• This includes all your surroundings, family,
friends, neighborhood and all people,
places and activities you have
experienced until now I your lives
• One way this is done is by MODELING
Personality and Personal Behavior
• Influence on your personality over which
you have the most control is your behavior
• How you make decisions, what decisions
you make and what actions you take can
make all the difference in the world in the
quality of your life