Midterm Quarter 2 Study Guide Due Monday 11/16 Quiz Thursday

Midterm Quarter 2 Study Guide
Due Monday 11/16
Quiz Thursday 11/19
Use your history notebook and the power point presentation posted online to
answer the following questions on a separate piece of paper:
What is the religious text of the Jews?
What is the Pentateuch?
What were the Jewish beliefs about God?
What 3 religions claim Abraham as their father?
How were the Dead Sea scrolls discovered?
What languages were the Dead Sea scrolls written in?
Who are the three most influential people from the Torah?
What was the purpose of mummification?
Where was Abraham from?
What land is Abraham promised (and he later settles there)?
What are the ba and the ka?
What did the Egyptians believe about their Pharaohs?
How many gods did the Egyptians have?
How did Egypt treat women?
What are the different kinds of languages that were used in Egypt?
Describe the role of the scribes and the process they had to go through to become
What is the chronological order of the different pharaohs we learned about?
What were the pyramids used for?
Who built the pyramids at Giza?
How long did it take to mummify someone?
Compare and contrast Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism and the Egyptian religion.
What were each of their beliefs about the afterlife, their view of “god(s)” and basic
things they taught their people?
What is the difference between upper Egypt and lower Egypt?
Compare and Contrast the caste system of India to the social structure of Egypt.
What were some similarities and difference?
What is the Abrahamic Covenant and why is it relevant today?
What type of government (from the types of government we talked about from
Aristotle) did China, Mesopotamia and India have?
What does Abraham’s name mean?
Compare and contrast one Mesopotamian King to one Egyptian Pharaoh. What were
their leadership styles? What are something’s they are known for?
List all the rivers the civilizations we studied are located by. i.e. China, Mesopotamia,
What are some differences and similarities between Chinese dynasties and the reign
of the Egyptian pharaohs?