CP FINAL NOVEL UNIT Flowers for Algernon (Daniel Keyes)/The

Flowers for Algernon (Daniel Keyes)/The Chocolate War (Robert Cormier)
Group to read 2 novels (Flowers/Chocolate) _______________________________________________________________
Group to read 2 novels (Flowers/Chocolate) ____________________________________________________________________
Group to read one novel (Flowers) ____________________________________________________________________________
Group to read one novel (Flowers) ____________________________________________________________________________
The final will be an essay on a theme in one of the novels. We will discuss possible themes as we read. Students will need to gather quotations which
support the theme. The essay will be worth 1000 points and must follow the format learned in class this year (that means the eight sentence body
paragraph format with at least three body paragraphs). No taboo words, use third person and present tense.
Grabber quote or broad statement that grabs attention
Background to novel
Title underlined/author
Thesis with theme from novel
Body Paragraph 1,2 and 3
Topic sentence related to thesis
TLQ – transition, lead in, quotation (citation).
Comment 1
Comment 2
TLQ – transition, lead in, quotation (citation).
Comment 1
Comment 2
Concluding sentence
Restate thesis but use other wording
Restate main points of each body paragraph
End with a strong statement or supportive quote from novel.
Create ONE say, mean, matter chart for approximately every 20-30 pages. There are approximately 200 pages in the book. You will be able to use the
quotes and mean and matter comments in the essay. Fifty points for each SMM. There will be TEN SMMs so that will equal 500 points. Save all SMMs
to use on final.
SMM1 ___ SMM2 ___ SMM# ___ SMM4 ___ SMM5 ___ SMM6 ___ SMM7 ___ SMM8 ___ SMM9 ___ SMM10 ___/SMM11___ SMM12___
STUDENTS READING TWO NOVELS WILL NEED TWELVE SMMs (you need six for three BPs). You will
decide which novel to write essay about after finishing BOTH novels.
SAY, MEAN, MATTER for Flowers for Algernon (SAMPLE)
“I never tell lies any more because when I was a kid I made lies and I always got hit” (Keyes 4).
This shows that Charley Gordon is hit by his parents when a child. If he has an “accident,” he is punished. The novel
Flowers for Algernon was first published in 1959 when hitting a child was a common punishment. Even today,
some people believe hitting a child is an appropriate punishment. (Fifty words or more).
This quotation matters because it shows that Charley Gordon has trust issues with adults. He has been hurt as a
child for lying and has come to believe that lying, even telling stories, is wicked. He believes that telling stories or
using “make believe” is wrong. This matters because Charley will never be able to enjoy a piece of literature as, to
him, it will be full of lies. (Fifty words or more).
Percentage needed to be excused from finals = 93%
Write a paper (TYPED) about the medical problem Charley has (phenylketonuria). You will need to have some quotes which describe the problem and
the treatment. You will need to cite the quotes (last name and page), and you will need a Works Cited page with the full source citations. The thesis
should be underlined at the end of the introduction. There should be no fewer than THREE body paragraphs, an introduction, and a conclusion. The paper
will be due one week before the end of school (no later than June 10). (250 extra credit points).
OR (grade still below C)
Complete a two-sided drawing of Charley – one picture depicting Charley in an activity early in the story and a second picture depicting an activity from
the second half. Picture should show much effort. Below the picture, write quotation with citation which gave you the idea for each picture. Use color.
Worth 50 points of extra credit. (June 10 deadline).
OR (grade still below C)
Read the following novels at home: Picture Bride by Yoshiko Uchida, Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Greene, or Lord
of the Flies by William Golding. The books are available in the school library but you have to ask for them at the desk. I have
copies of Summer of My German Soldier. Copy out TEN quotations with citations from across the breadth of the book (not just
the early pages) and write Say, Mean, Matter charts for each of the TEN quotes. Turn in by June 10. Each SMM worth 20 = 200
points of extra credit. Each comment must be at least 100 words. I know these books well and I think you will enjoy them.