AP Statistics is the high school equivalent of a one

AP Statistics
Course Description:
AP Statistics is the high school equivalent of a one semester, introductory college
statistics course. In this course, students develop strategies for collecting,
organizing, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data.
This course is designed to prepare students to take the College Board Advanced
Placement Examination in May. Students are exposed to AP Statistics free
response questions throughout the year. Emphasis is placed on statistical
accuracy and effective communication of statistical concepts. Students who
successfully complete the course and exam may receive credit, advanced
placement, or both for a one-semester introductory college statistics course.
Each student enrolled in the course is expected to take the AP Statistics Exam on
Wednesday, May 13, 2015 at Somerville High School.
Curriculum and Goals:
The curriculum covers four broad conceptual themes:
1. Exploring Data: Describing patterns and departures from patterns
2. Sampling and Experimentation: Planning and conducting a study.
3. Anticipating Patterns: Exploring random phenomena using probability and
4. Statistical Inference: Estimating population parameters and testing
In AP Statistics, students are expected to learn:
 Skills
o To produce convincing oral and written statistical arguments, using
appropriate terminology, in a variety of applied settings.
o To know when and how to use technology to aid them in solving
statistical problems
 Knowledge
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o Essential techniques for producing data (surveys, experiments,
observational studies), analyzing data (graphical & numerical
summaries), modeling data (probability, random variables, sampling
distributions), and drawing conclusions from data (inference procedures
– confidence intervals and significance tests)
 Habits of Mind
o To become critical consumers of published statistical results by
heightening their awareness of ways in which statistics can be
improperly used to mislead, confuse, or distort the truth.
Each student will be loaned a copy of the textbook: The Practice of Statistics (5th
edition), by Starnes, Tabor, Yates, and Moore, W. H. Freeman & Co., 2014.
Each student will be loaned a TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator for daily use in the
course. The calculator is expected to be in each class session, and is required for
use on tests and the AP Exam.
Formal Assessments:
Course assessments include, but may not be limited to:
Assignments, due almost each class session
A formal assessment per unit (12 in total)
A mid-year exam, with a simulated AP format
An end-year final exam, with simulated AP format
A Chapter 4 project
A Year-End project
Based on class needs and progress, supplemental assignments and quizzes may
be used as assessments.
AP Statistics – Hebert
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A class website is maintained and updated daily at: http://mshebertmath.com/
This website contains detailed information on:
 Unit Pacing, Content, and
Learning Objectives
 Project Assignments and
Daily Assignments
Class Schedule
Class Notes
Online Grades: X2
All grades are posted online on the district’s X2 system. Each student has been
issued a userid and password for access to the X2 system:
The student’s grade in this course is expected to reflect the student’s progress
towards, readiness for, and expected success on the AP Statistics Exam. Toward
that end, the majority of a student’s course grade will be based on tests and
exams that have the same structure and difficulty level as the AP Exam. These
course tests will be graded according to the same scoring guidelines and grade
standardization as the AP Exam.
Grades will be calculated according to the following category weightings:
Tests, Quizzes, Projects
During terms 2 and 4, the midyear and final exam will account for 25% of the total
grade, with the above 2 categories comprising 75% of the total grade.
The following materials should be in class with you each day:
AP Statistics – Hebert
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Graphing calculator (you will be loaned one)
Binder with tabs
Loose leaf paper (lined and graph)
Pencils and erasers
Justine Hebert
 Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Mathematics minor, University of
Louisiana, Lafayette LA
 Masters of Art in Teaching, Lydia Hurd Smith Fellow, Simmons College,
Boston MA
 Directly Relevant Coursework:
o Statistics I, University of Louisiana
o Operational Research I in Statistics, University of Louisiana
o Probability and Statistics, Converse College
o AP Statistics, AP Summer Institute, St. Johnsbury Academy
Office Hours and Contact Information:
Unless otherwise posted, I am available in room 107 each day immediately after
school, and Tuesday and Thursday until 3:30. With an appointment, I can be
available other times.
Email address: [email protected]
AP Statistics – Hebert
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