Project Coffee Shop Idea of the coffee shop and why I want to do this

Project Coffee Shop
Idea of the coffee shop and why I want to do this project: A coffee shop has always been more than a
place to have a beverage. It is a place to socialize, ideate, have fun and meet new people. As Starbucks
puts it, it’s the third place, a home away from home or office. Also, due to the competitive and busy
lifestyles that people lead today, a coffee house near their work or home has become a major point of
relaxation. I have always wanted to open a coffee house, which would provide the best atmosphere and
experience along with a good selection of coffee, cakes and biscuits, and where service is delivered in the
friendliest way possible. This project would be coming up with an end to end plan of how I intend to
convert this concept into actionable items, which would lead to establishment of the coffee house. The
project plan would be very detailed that would cover all aspects that need to be considered, all people that
would need to be engaged, various resources and equipment that would be needed and the amount of time
and money that the project would cost. I believe that having such a structured plan would allow me to best
utilize resources available, organize activities in an efficient manner and also ensure that I can use this as
a tool to discuss my idea with a potential investor if necessary. Therefore the project that I have selected
is “opening of a coffee shop” that would be a detailed project plan on everything that must be done and
considered to execute this project in a successful manner.
Project Team for the project: Given that coming up with the coffee shop would incur a lot of effort,
time and investment, having the right people for the project and managing the project team in an effective
and efficient manner would be very important. The project team for this project is given below followed
by a discussion on how best the team can be managed to successfully execute the project
S No
Your Name
Project Manager, Owner
Name 1
Interior Designer
Name 2
Painting Contractor
Name 3
Shop Manager
Name 4
Staff Member
Name 6
E-Mail Address
The above team members would be there for the duration of the project, and assigned various
tasks that would need to be done. There would be additional people engaged if required based on any
specific requirement that may be there.
Managing team dynamics in the project environment – Given the nature of this project, where
multiple team members would have to work parallel, and in coordination to achieve project goals and
objectives, it is very effective to set right expectation and manage team dynamics in the right way. Only
by having the right team dynamics along with high motivation levels, each member of the team would be
at their creative, innovative and effective best, which would be necessary for successful project
implementation. The project manager would have the overall ownership in ensuring that project
objectives are set and aligned with individual objectives. Also there should be very effective and
proactive communication, along with an open approach to work, where all members of the team are
motivated to do their best for the project. Given that the project leader would have complete view on the
project, he can play this critical role of leading and managing people well, and resolving issues and
motivating them, which would be critical in ensuring successful project completion. For this project, the
pure project organizational structure would be used, to have the maximum focus and dedicated efforts put
in by the team members, thus ensuring project success.