Dear Environmental Science Students, I am excited to teach

Dear Environmental Science Students,
I am excited to teach environmental science to you this school year. Although I have
taught biology for many years, it is my first year teaching environmental science. I
hope to learn a lot during the school year with you.
By teaching this course, I hope to become more in-tune with the environment and its
resources. I know there are many choices I make that are not environmentally
friendly. It is difficult to let go of the conveniences of life even though I know my
actions make a difference. I will try harder this year to make better choices. I want
to give you an example of the small, “real” things that I have done as an individual to
lessen my negative impact on the environment as well as offer some ideas on even
more positive things I can do for our Earth.
These following are some of the things that I have done to make better choices:
bought a used car
bought a hybrid car
use all CFL bulbs in my home
use my own cloth bag when grocery shopping
buy very little clothes or shoes compared to most people I know
eat very little meat—seafood about once a week and no pork, beef, chicken,
I have also written what I need to work on in the list below:
 bring my own mug/coffee cup when I purchase coffee OR make my own
coffee at home
 recycle all recyclable materials
 drink less diet coke or any other bottled products
 eat less junk food—during lunch, don’t go to El Pollo Loco and instead bring
lunch from home
 use metal/stainless steel forks instead of plastic utensils
 buy clothes from thrift stores
 drive slower—at 55mph or so
 shower during the day with room temperature water
 create a vegetable garden
 get rid of my grass yard and replace it with a desert landscape
 purchase food from the local farmer’s market instead of a supermarket
 don’t eat tuna OR just treat myself to it once a year
 build a compost bin in my home
Now, please write me a 1-page, grammar and error-free letter answering the
following questions:
1. What do you hope to learn this year in environmental science?
2. What are some of the things you do that are environmentally friendly?
3. What further things do you hope to do in the future?
4. What are some concerns/questions you have for me about this class?
5. Is there anything I should know to support your success in this class?
Ms. Kim