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1. Are you going to be busy this evening?
2. I was thinking of going to the coffee shop tonight. Would you like to come?
3. Are you doing anything tonight? would you like to go to the coffee shop /
go out for a drink with me?
4. Hey, do you want to (wanna) go to coffee shop tonight?
5. Let’s go to coffee shop.
6. What time should we meet at the cafe?
7. Do you want to eat something ?
8. Would you like to join me for a coffee?
II . Asking more information
1. Who is all going?
2. Who are you going it with?
3. Where are you drinking it?
4. What time are you going to the coffee shop?
5. Which coffee do you like ?
6. What is your favorite coffee shop?
III . Accepting the invitations
1. Great!
2. That’s a great idea.
3. That sounds great.
4. That’s very nice.
5. I’d love to.
6. Ok. Let’s meet at the coffee shop at four o’clock.
IV . Refusing
1. Sorry, I’m afraid I’m busy tonight.
2. Sorry, I can’t. I have to take care of my niece/ nephew tonight.
3. Tonight’s a problem. What about tomorrow night.
4. I’ve got something on then.
5. I can’t. I have to work that night.
6. I’m afraid I can’t make it on the 16th. Can we meet on the 17th or 18th?
7. Monday isn’t quite convenient for me. Could we meet on Tuesday
8. 15th is going to be a little difficult. Can’t we meet on the 16th?