Febuary 1 Wolverine - Summit Academy Schools

To the 5th grade scien
Mrs. Tsimouris and Mr. Murray
Summit Academy Community
School - Warren Elementary
February 1, 2016
This week in school:
Math: This week in math, students will use independent and dependent variables to construct a
table, solve equations, and graph linear equations.
Science: This week in science, students will begin studying MATTER. New vocabulary to be
discussed will be: matter, atoms, mass, elements, molecules, compounds, and properties.
Language Arts: Students will continue to work on the concept of identifying theme in various
forms including using images to support the theme. They will continue to work on reading
fluency and using evidence to support their answers to comprehension questions.
Social Studies: Students will learn about early Chinese civilization. They will learn about the
unique agricultural practices and products of China based on its geographic location. Students will
discuss Asian influence on the Western Hemisphere.
Feb. 5
Bring $1.00 for a Red float
HERO Time: Homework time is an expectation! If homework is not complete, students will
NOT have recess on the days homework isn’t turned in. Homework is a very important part of a
student’s growth leading toward maturity. The added responsibility of taking work home, completing it, and
returning it on time builds character. Watch for homework to be sent home Monday through Thursday.
Focus will now be on READING!
Character Trait of the month is RESPONSIBILITY. Doing and turning in the best possible homework is
responsibility. Being reliable and trustworthy is responsibility. Being accountable for your actions is
responsibility. Following the school’s five rules – RESPONSIBILITY! Do you make up work when you
miss school? Can we count on YOU?
Ice Cream Treats!!!
Help our 6 graders go to Camp Fitch. Each treat costs
ONLY $1.00. Students may only purchase one per week.
Dates are: Feb. 5
Red Float
Feb. 19
Root Beer Float
Feb. 26
Ice Cream Sandwich
Mar. 4
Red Float
Root Beer Float
Mar. 18
Ice Cream Sandwich