Reading schedule/ Crime and Punishment

Here is your reading schedule for Crime and Punishment.
During this whole process you will have two essays tests (one after
book 3, one at the end of the book) and two papers.
One paper is the motif paper that will help you write your critical
paper. Your motif paper will be due BASED on the chapter you
will have picked.
You will have about 30 pages of DENSE reading every night.
Discussion is imperative. If there is no discussion in class I will
give impromptu more-than-annoying DYRT quizzes.
Feb 1-6
Feb 7-13
I give background on Oedipus. I give
format for persuasive paper.
You work in groups and write a paper
on Oedipus in groups. Book I C&P (290) Oedipus paper due
Feb 14-20
Book II (91-195) vacation
Feb 21-27
Book III (196-278) I give background
on 19th century Russia. Teach motif
paper. Anna Karinina in class/optional.
Feb 28-Mar 6
First essay test. Book IV (279-356) I
teach critical paper.
Mar. 7- 13
Book V (357-432)
Book VI and Epilogue (432-542)
Mar. 21-26
We pull the pieces together.
March 30
April 1
April 2
April 5-6
April 7-8
April 9
Second essay test. I give out “The
paper/outline due. Part I “The
Metamorphosis” . Groups
Part II groups The Sandbox in class
Part III groups
pull together novel and play
test on both
We will spend one week on each book, no more. As a result we can have a “study
group” for all 3 classes on a designated day every week. It can be Tuesdays. Here I will
give extra help on the book, go over questions issues you have.
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