state float

Make a Float State Report: Due June 1st.
Student Assignment Sheet
*You are going to create a parade float to represent your assigned
*You MUST include the following elements on your float:
- State Name and nickname, Outline of State with Name of Capital,
State Flower, Bird and Tree
You MAY also include the following:
-Places of Interest-Universities (Name & City)-Physical
Features/Scenic Attractions-State Motto-State Flag-Famous PeopleWeather/Climate-Main Products-Natural Resources
Be CREATIVE and have FUN!
*Materials to be used:
-The base of the float will be box (cereal, shoe box, etc). -Anything that
you have around the house: toilet paper roll, smaller boxes to add
height (granola bar box, pop tart box, etc.), felt, paper cups,
construction paper, yarn, pipe cleaners, craft sticks, tissue paper, crepe
paper, paint, grass, cardboard, toy figures, clay, flowers, ribbon
and so on.
-The box/float must be completely covered
- The float must be 3dimensional; length, width and height.
-All items on your float must
be labeled clearly.
-A brief written description of your float must be
clear and easy to understand.
Floats are to be done at home; students will not be given class time to
work on them.