The Poisonwood Bible

The Poisonwood Bible
Research Paper
Important Dates
 Annotated Bibliography due on Feb. 19, Friday
 Rough Draft due on Feb. 26, Thursday
 Final Draft is due on March 6, Sunday
Requirements for Annotated Bib
 Correct MLA Format
 Must include six sources with summary and works cited
 No quotes/no plagiarism
 The novel The Poisonwood Bible should NOT appear on
the Annotated Bibliography.
6 Secondary SOURCES
Requirements for the Paper
 MLA Format
 6 pages with Works Cited
 Use at least three (3) secondary sources
from the databases
 Use quotes from the book
 Any character’s use of language
 Kingsolver’s portrayal of Christianity
 Use of imagery and details to develop any of the characters
 Compare and contrast two of the narrators and their
reaction to one particular event/ or series of events/or
 Analyze how the revolution affects the family and village
 Analyze who is oppressed or conquered in the work
 Foreshadowing of ??? death
 Cause of ??? death (Who is responsible?)
 Symbolism in the novel (ants, tree, snake, garden,
 Compare and contrast Nathan and Brother Fowles
 Compare and contrast any of the men figures
 Guilt/Shame
 Individuality
 Identity
 Independence
 Oppression
 Rebellion