MIS 565 – Advanced Ecommerce Course Outline

MIS 565 – Advanced Ecommerce
Course Outline
Instructor: Ali Hashmi
Fall 2012
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Ground Rules
IBA Attendance policy will be strictly enforced
 4 absences are allowed
 Be in time to avoid any embarrassments
IBA Grading Plan and policy
IBA Plagiarism policy
For IBA policy refer:
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Course Objectives
Understanding of E-business/E-commerce
Overview of E-commerce models and
Applications: E-learning, E-government, EAuctions, Online retailing, Social Networks, etc
Understanding of different components of Ecommerce/E-business: E-Marketing, Order
fulfillment, E-logistics, E-infrastructure, etc
Understanding of Launching a successful online
Business and e-commerce projects
Overview of some of the commercial applications
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Course Topics
E-business and E-strategy
EC Applications
Web 2.0 and Social media networks
E-learning and E-government
Online retailing
EC Support services
Online Payment and E-infrastructure
Order fulfillment and logistics
Customer relationship management
B2B E-commerce
Launching a successful online Business
Other topics
Overview of some commercial applications/technologies that enables e-commerce/e-business
 MS Sharepoint
 Cloud Computing
 Magento Ecommerce system
 etc
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Text book
Electronic Commerce 2010, 6th Edition
By Efraim Turban, Jae Kyu Lee, Dave King, Judy McKay,
Peter Marshall
Publisher: Prentice Hall
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Grade Distribution
Term exams: 30%
 Two term exams 15 % each
Homework and quizzes: 20%
 Assignments/Presentations – 15%
 Surprise quizzes – 5%
Project – 10%
Final Exam: 40%
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Assignments (Presentations/writeup)
 Case Studies
 Small Projects
Project – EC/E-biz Plan OR research topic
 New Business or e-expanding existing business
 Business Description
 Competitive Analysis
 Product/Service offerings
 Architecture/Web Development Plan
 Marketing Plan
 Operations Plan
 Financial Plan
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Assignment Submission Policy
Assignments will include a Write-up and Presentations
Assignment write-up should be submitted at the beginning of the class
on the due date.
Make a short presentation of the assignments as teams will be called at
random to present. Email me the presentation prior to the class
([email protected])
Late submissions -20% deduction per day
There will be no extensions in due date of an assignment
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Project ideas
Online expansion of current brick n mortar business
New online business for local and/or international
Expansion of an existing online business e.g new
product line, new service offerings, new E-marketing
initiatives, etc
E-commerce using Mobile technologies
Streamling business processes using online
technologies e.g VOIP, Google docs, etc
Leveraging Social Networking for E-commerce
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